Do you offer a trial lesson?  An obligation free trial lesson can be organised by filling in the booking form on this website or by calling 1300 55 49 46 or email info@kidsonkeys.com.au

Can you send me a prospectus or course brochure? Of course! However, you can download printable versions of our courses from the website.  We also have a monthly e-newsletter which features all the latest offers, opportunities and news.

Do I need a piano at home to take piano lessons?  Eventually you may want to purchase a piano, but you can start on an electric keyboard.  If you do go with a keyboard at home, we recommend one with full sized keys and a touch sensitive response.  There are many great electronic keyboards on the market, so ask us if you need further advice.

Do I need my own instrument for lessons and classes?
Yes, you will need your own instrument. Our instructors can assist you in finding the right instrument to fit your needs and budget. Just ask!

I don’t have any musical background or ability, can I still help my child practice?
Yes. By simply monitoring your child and developing a practice schedule is a great start.  Practice tasks set by the teacher are noted in the students home journal.  Parents are encouraged to ask the student to practice and demonstrate each item on the lesson plan.

My child is only interested in one specific type of music, can he benefit from taking lessons? No matter what style of music a person is interested in, the fundamentals of music still apply. Learning the terminology (language) of music and developing a comprehensive knowledge of music does not impede one’s ability to “rock out”. It actually allows the development and advancement into higher levels of playing, no matter what style they prefer.

Are group classes or private lessons better for learning music? It all depends on your learning style. Most children under 7 learn better and enjoy it more in a group. They learn as much by observing their classmates as they do from direct interaction with the teacher. After that age, into adulthood, we develop our own individual styles of learning which may be very different from each other. Some teens and adults prefer the camaraderie and group interaction of a class, and others feel more comfortable with the focus of one-on-one lessons.

How can I pay? Lessons are billed by the term however a monthly payment option is available.  Payments can be made at the schools via eftpos, credit card or cheque. Internet transfer, PAYPAL and automatic debit of a credit card is available. Cash is NOT accepted

How about Holidays?  Kids on Keys generally follows  the state school term and there ARE lessons on most public holidays. School holiday programmes and lessons are available. Alternative arrangements are made through your teacher.

What do I need to do if I want to stop my lessons?  Once you have started your music lessons the timeslot you have been allocated remains yours we advise you otherwise or until you advise us that you no longer require it.  You need to give us 4 weeks notice when withdrawing from lessons.  We ask that you advise the Music School Administrator by phone or email (not the teacher).


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