Little Musicians Piano

Developing the child using the language of music, children quickly develop the skills of aural enhancement, amazing reading aptitude, two handed flexibility in playing, creativity through improvisational games, all in a fun environment. Suitable for students from 5-9 years, this course features a full range of musical skills including aural development, singing, music reading, playing and composition.

LM piano

About the Class

Age: 5-9 years

Class Size: 6 children

Parental Involvement: Last 5 minutes of class

Lesson Cost: $24

Lesson Duration: 1 hour

 Benefits for your child:

Nurtures your child’s imagination and creativity

Creates a learning environment that integrates music, expressive language and peer interaction

Challenges your child through activities that promote problem solving, making choices and expressing ideas

Allows your child to have an active role in development of musical activities


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